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Run by the doggers for doggers. Where are the Dogging Locations in the UK? What is dogging and what are doggers?

The hottest UK dogging site for all you UK doggers.

Dogging is very popular in the U.K and is all about exhibitionism in car parks and places where guys and girls stand by the car of couples or singles to watch a sexy show.

Ok lets keep this simple, lets keep this short and sweet, no messin'.

If you're a Swinger you are probably all ready well aware of dogging, others of you may have come across it in the news , but for anybody who doesn't yet know.. Dogging is where large amounts horny guys and girls meet in public places (normally a car park ) across the UK and either have or observe exhibitionist sex. So for anybody looking to join the action Swinger, established dogger or newbie, British doggers lets you access by location our large database of exactly where across the UK the latest dogging sessions are taking place.

A lot of our visitors are looking for info on dogging, dogging locations, dogging meets etc.

The truth is theres no need to go looking any where! Why? because all you have to do is ring the number below this number is pre recorded and updated regular, it gives information on all the dogging locations in the UK, it has a simple menu system so you can navigate to your area and find out where the place to be is.

So simple, you want action then ring it and get stuck in!

Dogging Locations and contacts

0908 082 2796

For those that cant be arsed with the phone then try the sms text service, Just keep reading....

Get involved now in some great outdoor sex today in your favourite public places with TOP HOT DOGGING LOCATIONS in the UK sent direct to your mobile by SMS. Its fast, its fun and its totally anonymous.

Dogging Locations by sms text. Text the words..

BEG to 89121


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